Collection: Westinghouse Generator

Imagine you have a magical box called a Westinghouse Generator. This box is like a superhero that can create electricity. It's really handy when you need power, like when your regular electricity goes out.

Inside the box, there's a special spinning thing called a turbine. It's kind of like a super-fast fan. When you give the turbine a little push (using gas, steam, or other fuels), it starts to spin really fast.

Now, here's the cool part: when the turbine spins, it makes a special wire loop called a coil move around a magnet. This creates something called "electricity" in the wire. It's like magic – the spinning makes the electricity appear!

This electricity is what powers your lights, appliances, and gadgets at home. So, whenever you need electricity, you can count on your Westinghouse Generator to make it for you using its spinning turbine and the magical power of magnets.

Just remember, it's like having your very own superhero that turns motion into electricity!